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Mercurius covers the entire gamut of disease-application
Dr Navin Pawaskar

Those painful Beginnings
My relation with Mercurius dates back to at least a decade when I was a novice still struggling to understand homoeopathy and homoeopathic practice. Those were the days when even a case of simple pharyngitis or tonsillitis would send a shiver down my spine and a few septic foci on the tonsils or some abscess draining down the crypts would scare me.
It was difficult to understand and pick up the characteristics in the case. The high fever that accompanied the tonsillitis would give me sleepless nights. The severe throat pains would be distressing to both: the patient and me!! In such states, characteristics like pain on empty swallowing, profuse salivation and thick white coated moist tongue would bring a sigh of relief’ because now you knew that your friend Mercurius will do the job for you. So too a toothache troubling your near & dear ones, who would wake you up at night with sharp pains radiating to the ears going upto temples: better at times by warmth, with great desire to drink water and to clinch it- the classical moist tongue. Then you ask them to open the mouth, where if you found either a deep caries or a painful abscess, you knew it was time to call your friend - the Mercurius.

Our Growth
As we grew in practice and our nerves settled, cases with slightly moderate complexity started visiting us.
The two cases of Infectious Mononucleosis where the entire cervical chain of glands had got involved with hepato splenomegaly and high-grade fever and a blood picture with rise in Monocyte count, are worth noting.
The first child: a fearless child, extremely irritable yet mature in his behaviour, chilly with throat pains along with glandular swelling worse on empty swallowing. The clinching chord was given by the father: when the child gets angry especially when contradicted or teased, he tends to aim to hit at the nose of the opposite person or tries desperately to catch it. This allowed me to see the precautious, fearless and aggressive mercury with this key note. Did the hit at nose mean to hit on their pride?

The other boy was constitutionally Nat-mur, but since the fever, had developed submandibular glands giving him an appearance of bull neck. The glands started appearing on the Rt and moved to the Lt. Merc-i-f settled this case beautifully, followed later by the constitutional.

A deep trophic ulcer appeared before me in the remote interiors along the sea-coast. While I was doing my rural posting. The man was not in a position to give a full history with details of his symptoms because there were none. But by God’s grace I could observe that only that particular foot which had ulcer was sweating. He had no signs of peripheral vascular disease and the ulcer was due to the Hansen’s disease, which he had suffered from. This pointed to a tuberculo-syphillitic miasm with offensive discharges, painlessness & sweating of affected parts. Mercurius once again bailed me out and gave relief to the poor hapless, hopeful villager.

The use of Mercurius in cellulitis especially if the cellulitis is due to post-traumatic necrosis or due to secondary pyoderma with thin, offensive oozing and red proud flesh-like look has many a times been helped by Mercurius.

Learning from Experience: If we look back at all these experiences, we find a strong tuberculo-syphilitic miasm at its base and a predominant infective processes in the suppurating stage of inflammation involving skin, extra-cellular spaces, RES or glands. Not to miss the destructive caries which gives rise to pain or the destructive ulcer, which would grow deeper, but without any pain.

The experiences with these cases helped me to learn a lot and grow both in my confidence and in practice. Recently, I got a chance to work on orthopaedic cases and thus move on to the realm.

A 12-yr old young boy complained of pain and swelling at the lower end of femur with fever. The child was unable to walk and was limping. It was so sudden that an X-ray was ordered immediately which revealed Osteomyelitis of lower end of femur with sequestrum. Child was given Calc-phos. There came a time case when necrotic material could not find a vent out, thus increasing the pain, swelling & fever.
Calc-phos was continued till it formed the vent. Inspite of forming the vent, the swelling would not go down and pain & fever continued with vellow offensive discharge. The outer end of sinus looked like a chunk of red meat with proud red flesh. Based on remedy relationship to Calc-phos, the tuberculo-syphylitic depth of the disease and the necrosis of bone, helped me to prescribe Merc-sol in multiple doses which helped to improve the discharges & thus relieve the fever as well as pain & swelling.

The Next Experience followed immediately and consolidated my learning. This young boy of 15 yrs had pain in his hips with severe adductor spasm. The child was unable to move his limb at all. His ESR was on the higher side. An x-ray was ordered which showed osteolytic lesion on Lt Iliac crest. The child was given Merc-sol in infrequent doses. Later the repetition was increased. By the 4th day the child was able to walk with reduction of adductor spasm and at the end of the week, child had complete range of movement. At the end of 1st month the ESR started to show a decrease in the level. Today, the child is completely asymptomatic. Bone lesions have to be still re-evaluated.

One more case which opened up, The Mental Aspect of Merc-sol for me, was a young man, intelligent, hard working, but with a lot of fascination for war, armies and violence. He was regularly beaten up in the name of discipline by his parents and teacher. He could not overcome these experiences, got sensitized, worked hard, went from a small village to a big city to become an Engineer. In Engineering College, he went through a lot of vexation & inferior feeling because he came from a small village.
He started developing bitterness towards his own parents, and his culture. When he came back to the village, he revolted against the entire community and the religion with lot of aggression, to the extent that he started breaking the idols of Gods thus preventing his family from their freedom of religion. He did this fearlessly during the daytime, but during the night he dreamt people were running thirsty for his blood.
He was suffering from ulcerative colitis. The ulcers would give away leading to bleeding per rectum, along with severe abdominal colic with mucoid stools & never get ‘done’ sensation. Thus a violent, aggressive, hard working yet intelligent boy at one hand, underwent severe suppression of his anger in childhood and became revengeful, and rebelious against system of religion- violent and destructive. But the sub-conscious told the true story of fear which he harboured within, which depicted the threat to his life when he saw the mob (society) thirsty for his blood. Thus on one hand lay the aggression and on the another hand the counter balancing force-fear. And luckily one could get the characteristic physical particular of never get done sensation which is the hall mark of Mercurius

Later, I found that in many other cases of intestinal infections and ulceration, as an acute exacerbation of ulcerative collitis or the bacillary descentry Merc-sol stands as one of the major remedies presenting mainly as severe abdominal pain along the sigmoid colon with severe tenesmus in the rectum, passing scanty, but mucoid to bloody stool and the classic sensation of never get done feeling or at least the tenesmus not better after stool. The other general of thirst and the characteristic particular of moist coated tongue helped to confirm the presence of Merc-sol in these cases.
Last, but not the least, Merc-sol in malignancy has proved to be a saviour and also a reliever for those who want to live and for those who want to die.
A man in his late 60’s developed squamous cell carcinoma at the base of the tongue. Constitutionally, he was a hard hearted, hard working, emotionless, energetic man who had lost his wife, but still wanted to get married inspite of knowing that he had cancer. Calc-flour was his constitutional and Merc-i-f played a great deep active anti-miasmatic through its antisyphilitic action. Whenever there was any block in the improvement and later when the end was near, it gave a lot of pain relief. When he developed secondaries in the glands which also involved the nerve sheath. This would give rise to severe neuralgias especially at night. Although, he had reached T3 N2 M1 stage and was prognosticated to have a very short life span, he managed to survive on homeopathy with all his senses intact and his energies vitalized till the end of his life. Those 1 ˝ - 2 yrs of his journey were with homoeopathy alone in which mercurius played a very major role.

The Antisyphilltic Role of Merc-i-f in cases where there is destruction of structure as in case of atrophic rhinitis when the nasal mucous membrane along with the nasal plate is on the verge of atrophic and ulcerative destruction giving rise to offensive discharge from the nose which are quite embarrassing with complete anosmia.
One of our patients who was helpless with this atrophic rhinitis was tremendously helped by Merc-i-f. Only when we could approach the case through Boger’s approach, could we see the totality as described above.
Not only has mercurius allowed the people to pass off peacefully, but has also allowed young infants to survive critical moments. I had a rare chance to experience a case of a neonate who was just 28 days old who landed up with intra-hepatic biliary stasis with serum bilirubin rising high above 20 mg with the ratio of direct to indirect, reversed.
There was no other symptom that the mother could give except that the child had cyclical vomiting. This characteristic along with the understanding of the pathogenesis, the increased viscosity of bile in intra-hepatic biliary stasis described as plastic exudates, the vomiting of cyclical nature indicating the time aspect and the epoch as infant, again indicating time; finally combined with the predominant action on liver, pointed towards Merc-dulcis. Merc-dulcis resolved the entire case in a week’s time adding to the vitality of the infant and unleashing new energies into the life.
What more can I expect from this great friend of mine with its range of clinical condition and its depth to handle all pathology ranging from infections, inflammation, ulceration to malignancies, miasmatically covering the most dreaded tuberculo-syphylitic range, and standing with me when I faced life-death situation with my patients? You cannot help, but develop a deep reverence for this great liquid metal-only one of its kind in the universe!




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