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Rare remedy/organopathic Remedy approach in Uterine Fibroid cases
Dr Samarendra Mishra
'Aur-m-n / Fraxinus-americana / Trillium-penulum / Thlapsi-bursa-pastoris / Ustilago / Lapis-alba / Ficus-religosa / Kali-iod / Hydra-mur / Caltha / Calc-iod / Thyroid / Epiphysterium / Erodium / Iridium / Vinca-minor / Solidago / Eupion / Sabal-sel / Helonius / Calend / Aur-iod

Uterine fibroid cases are not uncommon in our country. It is one of the distressing problems for ladies during their reproductive years. These patients are anxious, fearful and in most of cases, they try to avoid surgery. Here Homoeopathy plays an important role not only removing the symptoms but also reducing the uterine pathology.

We shall discuss in this article organopathic remedy approach to Uterine fibroids and some experiences from eminent physicians. It is important when there is paucity of symptoms in the cases or constitutional (symptomatic) medicines are not acting or the condition of the patient is serious or the disease is in a incurable stage.

Rare / Organopathic Remedies

  1. Aurum-muriaticum-natronatium: Uterus fills up whole pelvis. Coldness of abdomen associated with leucorrhoea and palpitation in young girls.
    Experiences: C C R H New Delhi, recommends it in 3x potency for uterine fibroid cases.
    - Dr Burnett emphasized this drug and said "it has more power over Uterine tumours then any other remedies".
    - W. Boericke, M D recommends it as useful in 2x or 3x triturations.
  2. Fraxinus-americana: Enlarged Uterus with bearing down sensation and cramping pain in feet mostly in afternoon and night. Watery, non-irritating Leucorrhoea or consequential haemorrhages.
    Experiences: Dr J N Singhal- 10 to 15 drops "Q" at bed times in alternation with Veratrum-album 30 in morning.
    - W Boericke MD - recommends 10 to 15 drops Q three times a day.
  3. Trillium-Pendulum:
    Profuse, bright red menstrual bleeding like flood and afterwards fainting condition. Bleeding in every two weeks (fortnightly) which lasting for a week or longer < least movements with sensation in hip and small of back were falling into pieces or bones in pelvis were broken.
    Mostly during climacteric period.
  4. Thlaspi-bursa-pastoris:
    Profuse passive (Blood dark and clotted) menstrual bleeding on every 8, 10, or even 15 days due to Uterine fibroids. Tardy in starting. First day merely a show but in second day with colic and vomiting.
  5. Ustilago:
    Uterus is hypertrophoid mostly on Lt. side with menorrhagia at climaxis.
    Blood - dark, clotted and forming long black strings.
  6. Lapis-albus:
    Fibroid tumors of uterus with intense burning pain throughout the abdomen.
    Uterus feels soft like elasticity.
    Profuse haemorrhage.
  7. Ficus-religiosa:
    Uterine fibroid with menorrhagia.
    Blood is bright red and profuse.
    Bearing down pain in the lower abdomen.
    Experiences: W Boericke - Q, 3x potencies of this drug is more useful in the case.
  8. Kali-iod:
    Womb packed with fibroid tumours.
    During menses, Uterus feels as if squeezed.
    Hot patient in nature.
    Experiences - Dr Raibahadur Bishambar Das - It is the remedy mostly when Pulsatilla fails to relive the Uterine. Dr Boericke - most useful in 1x in 1 grain crude doses at least 3 times in a day.
  9. Hydrastimum-muriaticum:
    Metrorrhagia especially due to fibroid tumours with sore mouth and ulcerated throat.
    It is an Uterine Haemostatic and vasco-constrictor.
    Experiences: Dr W Boericke - third decimal triturations.
  10. Caltha:
    When Uterine fibroid tends to cancerous stage. Potency - Q.
  11. Calcarea-iodata:
    Chilly and scrofulous affection (especially Tonsils, Thyroid enlargements etc) patients having with Uterine fibroids.
  12. Thyroidimium:
    Anaemic, Emaciated Ladies.
    Uterine fibroid with Thyroid swelling.
    Desire for sweets.
  13. Epihysterinum:
    Profuse Uterine Haemorrhage due to fibroid or cancerous condition of Uterus.
    Experiences: Dr J N Singhal - It can used as 30th potency once or twice in a week.
  14. Erodium:
    A popular haemostatic remedy in Russia and especially used for Metrorrhagia and Menorrhagia due to Uterine fibroids.
  15. Iridium:
    Uterine tumours associated with Anaemia.
  16. Vinca-minor:
    Excessive menstruation of Passive bleeding with great weakness during climacteric period, mostly due to Uterine fibroids.
    Continuous flow of blood with skin affections.
  17. Solidago-virga:
    Uterine enlargement due to fibroid and it pressed down upon the bladder.
    Urine - scanty, difficult, reddish brown with Thick sediments.
  18. Eupion:
    Uterine fibroid causing Uterine displacement with bland leucorrhoea and severe backache.
  19. Sabal-serrulata:
    Uterine fibroid with shrivelled breast in young ladies.
  20. Helonias:
    Sensation of soreness and heaviness in pelvis.
    Consciousness of a womb, feels it moves when she moved.
    Menses - Too early, too profuse and patient lose more blood than is made in intermenstrual period.
  21. Calendula-officinalis:
    Uterine hypertrophy due to fibroids.
    Sensation of weight and fullness in pelvis.
    Stretching and dragging pain in groin and those pains on sudden movement.
    It is associated with menorrhagia.
  22. Aurum-iod:
    Induration of Uterus due to Fibroid with acrid, copious, thick, yellow leucorrhoea < at night.
    Besides the above drugs, Dr Bhanja recommends Teucrium, Dr E B Nash - Phosphorus, are more useful for Uterine fibriods. In case of intractable bleedings from the Uterus due to Fibroids, Dr Clarke suggests to apply Ficus-religosa - Q or 3x in 4 hourly alternate with Thlaspi-bursa-pastoris - Q, 5 drops in 4 hourly and Hydrastinum-muriaticum - 3x for better result.


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