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Dr Ajit Kulakrni

(Double chloride of Sodium and Gold ) Nac1, Aucl32H2O

Region Worse Better
Gastro-intestinal tract (G-I.)
Cold wet
October to
(on giving up)
Dry warm

Exudative. Glandular. Ulcerative. Malignant
Sclerotic. Hysterical. Syphilitic

Quite faithful to its pedigree, it retains many of the features of its parent Aurum. Starts on the degenerative process like Aur-m, but, it soon abandons them, yet in malignacies goes ahead of it. And, unlike both Aur and Aur-m., its troubles start (like Ars or Graph.) from the GI tract, and the heart is not much involved.

Is the Natrum element responsible for this ?

For the rest all the three are almost replicas of each other. Modalities may here prove guiding.

Aur has syphilis grafted on a scrofulous background and is chilly. Aur-m has sycosis grafted on a syphilitic background and is warm. Aur-m-n has syphilis grafted on sycosis (like Fl-ac) and is more tumorous and malignant, while Aur-m is more ulcerative.

A gastro-intestinal irritant (like Ars), but with copious discharges: saliva, stool, urine, also sweat, menses, leucorrhea? (like Eucal which may be its acute).

Exudative diathesis. Dropsy with copious urine.

The most active of all the preparations of gold (Hale). Has more power on uterine tumours than any other remedy( Burnett).

Make-Up: Mercuro-syphilitic. Carbo-nitrogenoid. Scorbutic. Scrofulous. Irritable. Sanguine. Bilious. Hysterical. Melancholic.
Venous. Plethoric. Mannish women and girlish boys. Aurums are all so.

Epilepsy: Impulse to run out of house, lapsing into a comatose state; desire to touch somone; tendency to bite her nails, stands still during attacks; depressed; answers in monosyllables.
Hysterical spasms, coldness starting from the abdomen, often with pulsation in the occiput. Periodical H.
Pains: Boring (skull, l. Supraorbital, chest, tibiae, and other bones).
Anterior spinal sclerosis.
Locomotor ataxia (Posteriar spinal sclerosis) syphilitica; gastric crises.

Bones: Carries. Necrosis. Chronic suppuration. Periostitis. Syphilitica. Rhinoscleroma. Boring in.
Ulcers: burrowing, on nose, lips, tongue, glans, cervix.
Growths: Neoplasmata in abdomen. Scrirrhus of uterus. Carcinoma of mammae.
Warts: on tongue; on foreskin.
Indurations : of uterus etc.
Dropsies: with polyuria; ascites from indurations in abdominal organs.
Glands: Suppurations. Induration. Buboes. Scrofula. Gotire.
Blood : Scurvy.
Arteries : Sclerosis.
To free patients from addiction to tea, tobacco, wine (2x).

Mind: Melancholia. Suicidal impulse. Hypochondrical. Ugly minded, morbidly clean; but with dirty rotten teeth; aggressive; impervious to suggestions; lack of feeling. Restless and impatient.

Select Particulars
Vertigo of aged (anterior sclerosis). Headache; morning to evening: October to March; Supraorbital (1t) with swelling, boring pains. Headache of syphilitic periostitis. Sweats only on r. side; 1. (affected) side of head remains dry.
Hairs falls out.

Eyes: Ophthalmia : chronic; scrofulous; cancerous; at the same time; with scurfy nose. Glaucoma. Retinal congestion. Syphilitic iritis with sore-bruised sensation around eyes. Amaurosis.

Nose: Scurfy. Coryza fetid. Intractable sinus after abscess opening. Ulcers in nose. Syphilitic caries, destruction of nasal bones. Ozaena, discharge ichorous, bloody, fetid. Nose Swollen, hard, shiny, with erysipelatous symptoms, rhinosclerosis.

Face: Ulcer in cavities of upper jaw, in r. commisseur.
After a cellullitis on lower jaw periosteal induration in cavities of jaw.

Mouth: Teeth become dirty, get loose; gums recede, scorbutic. Tongue: burning-stitches (at tip); indurated; red and glazed warts on. Fetor. Shreddy M.M. of mouth.

Throat: Ulcers on r. tonsil. Cyananche cellularis (quinsy). Goitre : after a period of tension and worry; temperament cold; Sep. followed by Aur-m-n; lastly Nux-v. for minor complaints; an eczema intervened which was met by Clem.

Stomach: Nervous and atonic dyspepsia, burning pain and diarrhea < after eating, tongue red, glazed.
Gastric upsets like Puls.
Gastro intestinal irritation like.
Gastric crises of cirrhosis of liver; of locomotor ataxia.
Gastric and duodenal catarrh + juandice and cirrhosis.
Craving for tea, opium, tobacco.

Abdomen: Liver: jaundice after vexation. Hepatic insufficiency. Beginning of cirrhosis, gastic crises, ascites, fever, and copious urine. Stools white, later black or alternately. Pressing pain in r. hypochondrium. Liver cancer.
Membranous (mucous) colitis = Muco-membranous colitis
Gastroenteritis. (No ulceration but) cramps, Convulsions, insensibility, trembling, cholera with cramps, stupor.
Diarrhoea after eating. Copious stools.
Constipation with catarrh (Hydr).
Abdomen cold.
Ascites from indurations.

Urinary: Urine copious; with ascites; during fever. (Diabetes).
Kidneys : hyperemia with albumin; Bright's disease; intersitial nephritis ("controls connective tissue formation") with retinitis; floating kidney.

Male: Pustules on genitals (also female).
Ulcers on foreskin; Warts around the ulcers on glans. Undescended testicles, girlish behaviour and voice. Swelling of testes.
Priapism. Nightly seminal emissions. Sexual decline. Impotence. With mental symptoms.

Female: Leucorrhea : yellow, corrosive, with spasmodic contraction of vagina.
Menses : Profuse; dark, tawny.
Primary effect: congestion, irritation of uterus and ovaries, subacute metritis, ovaritis, profuse and premature menses, habitual abortion, ulceration of uterus, endocervicitis, nymphomania.
Secondary effect: atonic amenorrhoea, scanty and delaying menses, deficient sexual desire (frigidity), sterility from ovarian torpor, ovarian dropsy.
Ovaries: inflammation; induration; enlarged; dropsy.
Uterus: Congestion; inflammation; induration of one part and softening of another; indurated cervix;
(endocervicitis), congested, heavy, sagging; prolapsed; subinvolution, ulceration of the neck of womb and vagina; developing itself from swelling and indurations, gangrenous ulceration; scirrhus; cancer; ossified; flexions from condensation of the uterine tissue, or softening of the stroma of the neck or body; infantilism.
Labia : Swelling.
Labour like pains.
Abortion: habitual, returning at about the same time; induration (or ossification).
Puerperal mania with sexual excitement; nymphomania.

Heart: Vascular enlargement. Circulation accelerated. Visible and distressing beating of carotid and temporal arteries (Ver-v).
Irregular heart beats with anxiety and short breath; while sleeping. Palpitation of young girls.
Angina pectoris of brain-workers. Pressing pain in chest and behind sternum on hurrying. High BP due to disturbed function of the nervous mechanism.
Lags behind Aur. and Aur-m. in cardiac involvement.

Locomotor: Burning in skin of nape; of r. axilla. Pain in nape, > motion. Painful swelling around r. elbow (olecrenon) in a basically Sep. patient. Rheumatism of shoulder of r. forearm with swelling. Patient warm blooded and has mental symptoms of the drug. Rheumatic or gouty pains, old cases.
Boring in thighs, knees, tendo Achillis, tibia, r. to 1., while sitting. Drawing in tibia, > motion.

Skin: Intolerable itching. Sores followed by an eruption of little lumps, several covered with dark-looking scabs. Acne. Erysipelas (of face) after taking cold. Psoriasis. Syphilitica. Deep-spreading syphilitic ulcers.

Thermal: Fever : Remarkable coldness of back, abdomen. Fever with sweat.
‘Flu cold: Catarrh, fever, sneezing, cough; after travelling and cold bath; an A-M-N patient.
Excessive sweat; only on r. side; 1. (affected) side (of head) remaining dry.

Relations: Compare: Arg-n, Ars, Bad, Bry, Con, Crot-t, Graph, Hep, Iod, Kali-bi, Kali-i, Lyc, Merc, Nit-ac, Phos, Sulph., Thuj.
Similar: Arum-s, Eucal, Kali-i, Kreo, Nat-c, Nat-m, Rub-t Sil.
Acute: Bry, Cur, Cham, Nux-v, Plat, Sep, Thuj.
Compatible: Ant-c., Nux-v.
Complementary: Nat-m, Sep, Thuj.
Inimical: Coffee, alcohol.


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