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Book Review
Reviewed By:
Dr S S Vithal Khanna

Title: Predictive Homoeopathy : Part II (The Theory of Acutes)
Dr Prafull G Vijaykar.
Publisher: Mrs Preeti Vijaykar, 144 Anand Bharati Coop Hsg. Society, Dr. M. B. Raut Road, Shivaji Park, Dadar, Mumbai 400 028.
Pages: 161.
Price: Rs 130.

The book is written by the dedicated homoeopath Dr Prafull Vijaykar. This is the outcome of his 25 years classical practice. I have seen him practicing in his clinic upto past midnight and managing average 150-200 patients daily. I have also seen his results, which are more than 80%, that too with a single dose of potentised medicines.

Even today many of our fellow Homoeopaths say, Homoeopathy does not work in acute cases or in emergency cases. This is for the chronic diseases only. The same are the views of our society. Remember Homoeopathy is a holistic, complete science. The faults lies with the knowledge of applying Homoeopath not of this foolproof mathematical science called Homoeopathy. In the introduction of this book, Dr Vijaykar has mentioned that reasons may be many but main flaw is that we are not following and applying the 7 cardinal principles of Homoepathy and that Hering's laws is being bypassed. He has mentioned difference with old and new concepts of prescribing. He has stressed upon the improvement in generals to physicals after giving the correct similimum, single dose i.e. the patient must feel better as a whole eg. stamina to work, appetite for food, sleep etc must improve first then fever, diarrhea, cough, cold etc symptoms will follow automatically.

In the SECOND CHAPTER he has given definition of acute illness, types of acute illness, how to use chart of acutes he has given in the end of the book.

The acute illnesses are misunderstood by majority of Homoeopaths. They take liberty in prescribing just by taking one or two symptoms of mind or physicals or specific. Any remedy, which is indicated in acute stage, is bound to be in relation with genetic constitution. Not only cases of fever, diarrhea, cough cold etc. but emergencies like acute asthma, heart diseases, lung emphysma etc. can be cured with the help of the given flow chart. Since homoeopathy treats the man with disease not the disease in the man, so the homoeopathic parameters are different to allopathic parameters i.e. improvement in generals like desire to work, stamina to work, desire to eat & drink, sleep, excretions must come first in each & every case may be acute or chronic. If the above parameters are followed, then and only then cure is bound to be there.

In this book Dr Vijaykar has given scientific explanation of golden rules of minimum prescriber, single dose, single remedy etc. He has stressed individualisation of each and every case by hot and chilly also. In the Materia Medica part he has given 62 remedies and how these are indicated and how these are to be selected. He has given the drug relationship chart, Hot and Chilly remedies chart, Thirsty and thirstless remedy chart, Dilligent and non dilligent remedies. In the last part of this book he has given few acute cases solved on the prescribed pattern with single dose only.

Dr. Vijaykar has given to the Homoeopathic world this book with scientific and fool proof explanations. It is an eye opener for those who says Homoeopathy is unscientific or mystic science. Written in a very simple language, it is must for each physician and student of Homoeopathy. C C H must prescribe this book in the homoeopathic institutions.

May god bless this humble, dedicated modern Kentian so that he can serve the ailing humanity vis a vis homoeopathy.




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