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Natrum-mur - The Hidden Agenda
Dr Ranga Krishnan
'Nat-mur / Nat-mur

Page No Rubrics
SR I 20 A/F love, disappointed
SR I 720 Love, silent grief, with,
SR I 69 Anxiety, conscience, as if guilty of a crime
SRI 1006 Thoughts, persistent
SRI1009 Thoughts, unpleasant subjects haunted by
SRI145 Company, aversion to

On the basis of these rubrics one dose of Nat-mur 1M was given.

On 4.2.92 her mother reported that she had aphthae on lips and under tongue. She also reported of having a repeated dream of all cousins playing and happy when suddenly `he' appears and then she becomes sad. Sleep was a bit disturbed. Sac-lac was given.

On 18.2.92 - her sleep was better, without much dreams. She went cycling, had a good appetite and normal stools. White aphthae again on edges of tongue. No periods as yet. Seems a little relaxed. Sac-lac.

25.3.92 - Menses had just finished. Very profuse and painful, the first day. Later on there was no discomfort. She felt normal and went out with friends and family. Sac-lac.
16.4.92 - She was going to the US of A for a holiday. Had met ‘him' and decided to be friends without any commitment. Nat-mur 1M was given as SOS.
29.6.92 - Returned looking happy, cheerful and ready to rejoin college. Her periods had regularized and she did not need the SOS! Sac-lac.
8.9.92 - Called from Bangalore and said that the guilty feeling had returned as she had shouted at others due to water shortage in the college. She kept repeating nervously ‘of my honour at stake’. It was the third day of her periods. Ign 1M one dose to be followed two days later with Nat-mur 1M one dose.
6.5.93 - SOS call again from Bangalore. She said `he’ unjustifiably insulted her. Next day `he' met with a major bike accident. She went to the hospital along with her other friends. These very friends did not invite her for their party as she was in a different class now. She felt hurt, left out and slighted. She had to study as her final exams were close at hand but just could not concentrate. Nat-mur 10M one dose was given.
She had a cold that lasted for a month for which no medicines were taken. She did well in her exams and went on to top her class. She got married at the end of the year. To date there has been no problems.

A constitutional Nat-mur patient, in my experience remains Nat-mur despite the remedy being given in the highest potencies. In India we say, that the `Svabhav' i.e. the inner nature with which we are born and operate vis a vis our environment, never ever changes. So too, it appears that constitutional Nat-mur does not change; not only in this life but also passes on this impenetrable quality to their progeny. However, it is important to note that if a diseased state of Nat-mur comes up, it can certainly be modified by our potentised Nat-mur. As Hahnemann has so often mentioned in the Organon, the diseased state of the organism is what has to be addressed, and never the ‘healthy' or those with ‘impenetrability’ as a basic `Svabhav' The hallmark of skillful case taking is to distinguish between the constitutional "Svabhav" and the diseased state!

In the famous epic of the "Mahabharata", the character of the blind Kaurava king, Dhritharashtra, is one of being engulfed in his own ‘impenetrable' sorrow and unwillingness to perceive the injustice being meted out to the Pandavas by his sons. His constant refrain was "This Kingdom belongs to me as the eldest son. It is not my fault that I was born blind. How can I be denied my right? Why do I have to suffer like this?"
This blind prejudice & hatred was passed on to his sons who were so vengeful that they brought about the destruction of their dynasty. Even Lord Krishna could not save one with such a "Svabhav".

Nat-mur in malaria is almost like a miasm - malarial fever caught long ago, resurfaces years later. The malarial manifestations of headaches, biliousness, clear cut chills, body pain, weakness etc. seem to linger life-long. Even in these malarial cases I have found a hidden hardness and an underlying tone of selfishness. Nat-mur in occasional high doses seems to eliminate the physical debility only when indicated.

Case 2: Speech Disorders
8.5.90 - A 41/2 year old boy, only child of successful parents, was brought for being late in speech. Though the pregnancy was uneventful and delivery normal, his milestones of walking (2.5 years) and speech (3.5 years) were delayed. He often had colds, coughs and tonsillitis. His appetite, urine, stools, sleep were okay. He had an aversion to biscuits, chocolates and cold drinks & liked semolina, yogurt & ice cream. He loved to paint and listen to music. He was extremely observant and alert. His hearing was okay. All clinical tests were normal.

He was good with puzzles and electronic toys and hated blocks and babyish toys. At home at least he attempted to speak but at school, he hardly spoke and was scared to move about. He hardly mixed with the other kids. His written work was exemplary but in his orals he was zero. He was very adamant and liked to do things at his own pace. He was very sensitive to rude talk and hated to be consoled when he cried. If things did not go his way, he would not throw tantrums but remain quiet. But if he wanted to do something no power on earth could stop him, however difficult the task was. The last was observed by the grandparents too.

Page No Rubrics
SR II 271 Food, starchy, desire
SR II 233 Food, Cold drink, AVERSION
SR I 991 Talk, slow learning to
SR I 145 Company aversion
SR I 906 Sensitive, rudeness to
SR I 181 Consolation AGG

Nat-mur emerged as the main remedy and it was given in 200 potency, 3 mornings.
8.6.90 For a few days after the medication she had diarrhoea, no medicine was given and it improved. His appetite was better now. He had an interest in books for the first time.
Though still shy at school, he was smiling a lot more and the teachers were impressed.
Sac-lac was given.
11.7.90 - Tongue thickly coated cold with sticky mucus, bed wetting since 4 days, less shy now. Sac-lac.
24.7.90 - Some words were clearly spoken but the cough & phlegm remained. Child more cheerful and happy. Bed-wetting stopped. Phos 30 - 3 doses.
1.8.90 - Has gained 1 kilo in weight. Cough better, some small skin eruptions on face and upper body, which did not seem to bother him, speech a little better and more active at school. Sac-lac was given.
11.8.90 - Sensation of boil under tip of tongue since many days, preventing him from speaking. No cough, skin clear, Nat-mur 1M one dose.
4.9.90 - Mother is very happy, feels he is almost like a normal child, playing and mixing with others. Speaking more than two words at a time easily. Sac Lac was given.
The boy slowly improved and was speaking normally in a few months time. His grandfather was amazed at the progress in contrast to the years of allopathic treatment he had to undergo.

As Nat-mur was the diseased state here, the child blossomed and had no major problem till date.
In my experience, Nat-mur is one of the deepest constitutional medicines of our times today. Thanks to the breakdown of joint family systems and the emergence of nuclear families in urban complexes, it has brought about enormous insecurity resulting in deep feelings of prejudice and mistrust. This preoccupation with the `self' and `fear of rejection' forms a rock like barrier and does not allow the emotions to become transparent. This impenetrability in most of the patients remains so and seems to require Nat-mur whether in an acute crisis or a chronic one.


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