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Some Therapeutic Pointers with Cases
Kasivishwanathan T K.
` Calc / Sulph / Cic / Bufo / Stram / Lach / Cupr / Arg-n.

Scattered in Homoeopathic literature are cases of Epilepsy which have been treated and cured with Homoeopathic remedies. Therapeutic indications of some of the drugs with illustrative cases are presented in this compilation.

Calcarea-carb: The epilepsy of Calcarea has an aura spreading up from the solar plexus in which case the convulsions come on immediately: or it may be like a mouse running up the arm. Common causes in fright, suppressed eruptions, discharges and sexual excesses (Dr. Clarke). Dr. Farrington says that Calcarea-carb seems to be able to cure epilepsy, not so much the paroxysms themselves but to aid in the change of the constitution by which this dreadful disease may be cured. It follows Sulphur well in these cases. One is apt to think of Sulphur for the sensation of a mouse creeping up the arm, same symptom in both Sulphur and Calcarea and the causes are indicated above are also the same for both. Calcarea is particularly indicated if Sulphur does not cure or if the pupils do not dilate after the use of Sulphur.

Dr. Von Boenninghausen has left a record of 40 cases of Epilepsy cured especially with Sulphur and Calcarea.


A 2 1/2 year old boy had an eruption in the past, which had been "cured" (suppressed?) after which attacks of epilepsy came on, with stiffness of limbs, loss of consciousness and froth from the mouth. Perspiration on scalp after the attack. Further the boy had a large abdomen while his body was thin. On 17 Feb 1836 one dose of Sulphur 30 was given and after 8 days a dose of Calcarea 30 was given after which the child remained cured. (This case does not give full details of follow up). (Dr. Boenninghausen).


A man, 40 years old, suffered from epilepsy since many years. The attacks came every 2-3 days with severe anxiety, paleness of face, sparks before the eyes and ringing in ears; severe perspiration and after that unquenchable thirst. On March 21 1836, he received a dose of Belladonna 30 dose a lighter attack came and he remained well till end of June after which two more attacks ensued. On 1st July 1836 Dr. Boenninghausen gave a dose of Sulphur 30 and a dose of Calcarea 30 after 8 days, after which the disease remained entirely cured.

It is remarkable that Dr. Boenninghausen could cure so many cases of Epilepsy with Calcarea 30 and Sulphur 30, with few doses. (As quoted by Dr. K S Srinivasan).


This remedy produces congestion at the base of the brain and in the medulla oblongata. At first, the patient is rigid with fixed staring eyes, bluish face, frothing at the mouth and unconsciousness. Next there are series of shocks from the head through the body. The jaws are locked and the patient bites the tongue. These spasms are followed by profound exhaustion. There is frightful distortion of limbs and the whole body goes into odd shapes. Head is turned backwards and back is bent as in opisthotonos.

Delusion, thinks he is a child again Children have convulsions from worms. Convulsions extend from to circumference, from above downwards and hence it is opposite of Cuprum.


A lad aged 5 developed convulsions after Cholera. The fits were severe since the third day of Cholera. Symptoms were: eyes half turned, head drawn towards the left side and the hands and feet of the same side were contracted. He was given Bell, Hyos, Cina and Bryonia without effect. He was then given Cicuta-virosa which mitigated the severity of the fits; the second dose put the child to sleep and he was saved from imminent death.

(Dr. Banerjee as quoted by Dr. Clarke)


A girl aged 23 consulted Dr. M L Tyler for epileptic fits. Had a fall on head When she was 3 1/2 years old; in bed for four months unconscious and blind. On recovery, she had pustular rash all over the head and was "cured" (suppressed?) with ointments. Has had epileptic fits ever since with enuresis. Whole body was violently convulsed. Sleeps after fits, sometimes the whole day. Had even 20-30 fits in one night; would go with out fits for a fortnight then fits every night of the week. She was stated to be very intelligent before the fall but became mentally deficient after the fall; just like a baby at 23 and can not wash or dress herself.

Dr. Tyler prescribed Cicuta 200 on (a) violence of convulsions (b) pustular rash (Cicuta produces pustular skin eruptions mostly in head and face and repercussions on skin eruptions are felt in the bran) and (c) after effects of blow on the head.

The effect was amazing; in three weeks much better; fewer fits and could wash and dress herself; memory better. The dose acted for 6 months during which period she continued to improve. A severe fit followed after six months after a very bad cold. The second dose of Cicuta 200 was given. After initial aggravation the patient improved: started doing house work and needlework. There were mild attacks infrequently. A third dose of Cicuta 200was administered after 11 months. Patient continued to improve. Two years later another dose of Cicuta 200 was given because of several bad fits. No fits for one year since then but had few attacks after suffering from flu when another dose of Cicuta 200 was given. Had been well since. Became more articulate and was transformed into an intelligent girl. (Margaret Tyler).

(See also the beautiful contemporary case of Dr. Mankani in our No 1 of 1995 - Asthma issue where Cicuta-virosa cured a child of asthmatic attacks with convulsions and the doctor was led to its prescription by the body contortions of the boy while dancing to music).


"The chief laurels of Bufo have been won in the treatment of epilepsy. No medicine has served me better in the treatment of this disease. Few people who have witnessed a characteristic epileptic seizure can have failed to notice the curiously toad like aspect assumed by the subject. The epileptic seizure and the status epilepticus give the clearest correspondence to the Bufo range of action. Again epilepsy is often found among the effects of self-abuse in young" (Clarke) Dr. Alfons Genkers considers Bufo as the number one remedy in epilepsy.


Dr. Geukens was consulted for treatment of a boy, aged 15, who suffered from epilepsy from 2 years of age. He was born too early by breach - feet first position, with thin umbilical cord, shortage of oxygen at birth. Child was hot tempered and even rude. Had a childish, stupid and foolish appearance. He was given various allopathic drugs without lasting effect.

Once he had a severe epileptic attack while eating probably because something got stuck in his throat. The attack began in right arm. He was lying unconscious with open eyes and did not react when spoken to (Face discoloration red convulsions, during (KR 362). After Valium he regained consciousness. When he answers he turns his eyes upward, another indication for Bufo. They turn their eyes upwards constantly. They live in their own world, dance and hit other people. The boy liked to listen to music all day long; similar to Tarentula Hispanica. The boy started masturbating early and played with his genitals (KR 701).

He can count well but his way of thinking was not fluent and mental level was that of someone in the first standard. He would start howling suddenly, again a Bufo symptom (KR 52/61). He had acne on his back with itching.

In July 1988 he was given a dose of Bufo 1 M in July 1988 based on the above indications. After one month it was observed that (a) he did not have attacks of anger anymore. His acne (Bufo is an important remedy for acne) on back disappeared. He had no further epileptic attacks and was doing well since then.

He was last seen in Sept 1993 i.e. after 5 years.

(Dr. Alfons Geukens)

Sycotic-co (Nosode):

The element of fear is outstanding and there is additional factor of irritation, which may be exhibited in out-bursts of temper. Convulsions, meningitis or epileptic forms of seizure are also found in the clinical picture of this remedy.


Kathy, 5 years old, had convulsive seizures. The characteristic symptom was a violent temper tantrum before a seizure. After treating with other indicated Homoeopathic remedies without success, Dr. William Griggs prescribed Sycotic-co. After two months of regular administration (dosage and potency not indicated) the temper tantrums left her and after 4 months she had only an occasional seizure. The child was under observation for two years thereafter and she had never had another epileptic attack.

(Dr. Griggs)


It is an important remedy in cases of epilepsy in children. They frequently wake up during night, screaming, terrified and do not recognize anyone around them (KR 12 clinging child awakens terrified, knows no one, screams and clings to those near).

There is fear of dark. At night they want to sleep with their parents like Phos and Puls (KR), Darkness agg; KR 43. Fear of dark: KR 62, light desire for). They would like to have a small light in their room. They are afraid of water; especially afraid when their head gets wet; may not want water on the face; may not allow washing their hair. (KR 52 Hydrophobia; KR 48 fear water of). They are afraid of mirrors and light that shines in the mirror. At night they become panicky even by seeing their own reflections in the mirror. (KR 79 shining objects agg KR 30 Delusion objects, bright from KR 46 fear mirrors in room). One can find a lot of violence in children (KR 91 violent; KR 71 - rage, violent).

Whenever you find the combination of epilepsy, violence and fear of darkness consider Stramonium (Dr. Vassilis Ghegas).


A boy aged 10 years, suffered from epilepsy for four years. It started with fever together with swelling of the lymph nodes on the left side of throat. After allopathic treatment he was better. Later one day while studying for an examination he again had an attack. Eyeballs were turned upwards, involuntary urination during attack, salivation and foaming at the mouth and his face deviated to left side. The frequency of attacks increased despite allopathic treatment. He would get these attacks The attacks also came during sleep around 11 pm. used to get up frightened as if he was seeing a ghost and would gesture as if fighting the ghost. The attack would start on the left side and would later spread to the whole body. He was a hot patient and very loquacious. He was bossy with younger children but with children of his own age or elder to him he was meek. On these indications the doctor prescribed Lachesis 200 - 3 doses 12 hourly.

The boy had no attacks for 11 days but later had two attacks in one one week. Lachesis 200, 1M and 10M were given in intervals without improvement. On restudying the case the doctor discovered that the boy got frightened after seeing two horror movies which triggered off this epileptic attack. The doctor then prescribed Stramonium 200, 3 doses, 12 hourly on the basis of following rubrics:.

  1. SRI 492 - Fear from delusions
  2. SRI 817 - Delusions, put him into a rage
  3. SRI 357 - Delusions, spectres, ghosts
  4. SRI 128 - Convulsions from fright
  5. SRI 915 - Shreiking before and during convulsions
  6. SRI 465 - eyes, Evades the look of other persons
  7. SRI 564 - Gestures violent
  8. SRI 713 - Loquacious.

The boy relieved of the attacks and had remained free from epilepsy thereafter. He was under observation for over 5 years.

(Dr. Rakesh Vishwakarma)


In epilepsy calling for Cuprum we have contractions and jerking of the fingers and toes. He falls with a shriek and during the attack passes urine and faeces. It is indicated when it begins with violent constriction in lower part of the chest or with contractions in the fingers that spread all over the body to all the muscles (Dr. Kent).

Again Dr. Kent says "It is pre eminently a convulsive remedy. The convulsive tendency associated with almost every complaint that Cuprum creates and cures. It has convulsions in every degree of violence from the mere twitching of little muscles and of single muscles to convulsions of all the muscles. The earliest threatening are drawings in the fingers clenching of the thumbs or twitching of the muscles. Tonic contractions, the limbs being drawn up with great violence and it seems as if the frame would be torn to pieces by the violent contractions of the muscles every where".


A 16 years old boy was getting epileptic fits once a month, sometimes twice. Careful study of the case led to Silicea which did not help even when administered in various potencies. After being present during the attack Dr. Koppikar observed the following (1) After the recovery from first, he was intensely thirsty (2) Severe headache was persisting for hours. There was new moon aggravation. Based on what he considered as confirmed symptom of thirst after convulsions he was prescribed Cuprum-met 1M 3 doses 12 hours apart. There were no more convulsions. Dr. Koppikar says, that he could not find this symptom in Kent or Herings Guiding Symptoms. (In Kents Repertory Cicuta only is listed for thirst during convulsions and Bell and Ign for thirst after convulsions Pg. 528).

Argentum nitricum:

The strong indications for Argentum-nit in epilepsy is that for days or hours before an attack the pupils are dilated. After the attack the patient is restless and has trembling of his hands. It is suitable in cases of epilepsy caused by fright or when they occur at the time of menstruation. Dr. Clarke states that this drug is called for in recent cases when the ailment is associated with digestive disorders and excessive flatulence. When belching is premonitory of fit Argentum-nit taken every half hour will prevent an attack. Additional leading symptoms are intense vertigo with uncoordinated movements, melancholy and timid disposition; averse to being alone, hurried in actions.


A 30 year old man had been having epileptic fits since 16 years of age; initially every two months but later on promptly once a month during full moon. The fit would be a severe one lasting for several hours. It came while he was asleep and not during daytime. A few days before the attack he used to feel peevish and tired after the attack. He sometimes experienced vertigo. He was prescribed Argentum-chloration (potency not indicated) - 15 grains in 240 pills one pill to be taken four times a day.

He continued to take the pills for half an year and during that period he had only one fit. A year and half later he reported that there was no relapse.

(Dr. S Mossa)




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